Mountain Sage Wellbeing LLC

Red Feather Lakes, CO

"I have been taking classes from Laura for over 3 years and feel very blessed to have her yoga teaching skills in our community. Laura uses many aspects of yoga from mantra, mudras, chakras, integrating with the doshas as well as pranayama and meditation along with an active asana practice. Deep breathing is synced with the practice making you feel very relaxed and energized. -Paige N

“When I first joined Laura’s yoga class, I was a beginner and appreciated how she honored the different ability levels of her students by suggesting various ways to modify poses. After two years as her student, I have seen an increase in my strength, stamina, and flexibility. But the greatest benefits of yoga for me have been the sense of calm and wellbeing that it cultivates. Yoga with Laura has improved my self-awareness of my body and my breathing, boosts my mood, and inspires a sense of gratitude that I carry with me throughout the day.”- Megan H

“I have been doing yoga, private and group classes with Laura  for almost 2 years. What a privilege to be in the same space with Laura and learn the art under her instruction.

When Laura asked last fall whether I would be interested in trying Reiki/Crystal Therapy I jumped at the chance. I did not really know anything about this type of therapy, but I came into sessions with an open mind. Laura's studio provides a very peaceful setting and her calming voice is truly magical. I had a physical injury that compromised my tendons and muscles in my mid-section, and I hadn't been able to get over the hump to recovery. As instructed, I would lie with my eyes closed through the sessions, and the more we met not only could I feel the difference in the reduction of pain, but really feel like I started healing faster. As Laura would work around my body, I could actually feel the tingling to recognize where she was concentrating her flow of energy. It was amazing. I would leave my sessions with Laura refreshed, relaxed, with a peaceful well-being and realized with the days following our time together that I was healing. I am a client forever!” – Hannah S