Mountain Sage Wellbeing


Beginner/Senior Level Class

This class is on break until January. Check back for updates!

All Levels Class

Crystal Lakes Community Center

Every Sunday 9-10:30am

Drop-ins Welcome

So, what’s the big deal about yoga?   

Yoga is a system of movement, breath awareness, and various techniques to develop a deeper connection to ourselves. Yoga has been scientifically shown to promote stress reduction, increase flexibility and strength in both mind and body. Yoga classes can help to improve balance and focus. Come and experience the energy of a class!  If you prefer a more personal approach or to enhance your class experience, private sessions are available.


Yoga Classes

If you  feel uncomfortable in a class situation, are working through a health challenge, or would like help developing your own private practice- schedule a private session. Each session is 90 minutes. 


1 Session - $65